About Company

Italy’s Wine is a well-known international network of companies with offices in the USA, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and now it is operating in Kazakhstan. Its head office has been opened in Almaty.
The company’s main goal is a selection of the best wines produced by famous winemakers in various regions of Italy and arrangment of direct deliveries to the countries where the company’s representative offices are open.

The lands of Italy were called “Enotria” by the ancient Greeks, which means “country of wine.” Some technologies for the preparation of wine drinks have been used for thousands of years. The secrets of producing the best wines are kept by local winemakers who handed down the art of their creation from generation to generation.

Currently, the Italian state includes 523 wine-producing zones. In each zone the winemakers produce wine, which has its own individual taste, aroma, color and unique approach to manufacturing.

The purpose of the experts of the international network of companies Italy’s wine is the personal selection of the best wines from each region of the southern country in accordance with accepted international classifications and direct delivery to the lovers of a noble refined drink around the world.

Representation of the company in Kazakhstan has been organized in accordance with international standards for the arrangement of transportation, storage and delivery of quality wine.

In Almaty, a logistics center has been set up, it is equipped with modern storage facilities for the proper storage of wines. The availability of advanced warehouse accounting and product release programs contribute to the quick and high-quality shipment of products to wholesale buyers from all corners of Kazakhstan.

Residents of the country are now given the opportunity to get acquainted with a collection of quality Italian wines and constantly purchase the liked drinks.

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